My Milf Boss
Milf Boss
All the bosses are super horny MILF's and they are all so fucking hot for their employees it's crazy.
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Milf Lessons Sex

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Stefan needs to fill his extra credit requirements for school, before he could graduate. So he decided he would take the class that caught his interest Mature Sexual Education. The only thing is that its not really a class more like an afterschool session with a private tutor that gives out milf sex. A hot sexy milf tutor that loves to give hands on demonstrations on how she loves to suck cock. She even loves to do all the best positions in her sessions, doggie, reverse cowgirl and even missionary. And as an added bonus she’ll let you cum all over her face for extra credit.
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Gabriela Rossi

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Gabriela is a stay at home milf wife, she loves her husband but she needs more excitement in her mature life. That’s where Seth comes in. He literally breaks in and makes her do stuff to him. But this doesn’t mean Gabriela isn’t willing , she is very willing and eager to get his cock in her mouth and pussy. Milf Sex at it best.
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Milf Boss Ava

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Ava is the perfect MILF Boss not only because of her huge mature tits and sexy dimples but because she really knows how to get the whole job done. From sucking cock in the jawbreaker position with the head of your dick pressed against the inside of her cheek to tearing up and drizzling her eye makeup all over her pretty older face as she tries to hold back a flood of saliva with your rod ramming her throat. Don’t be shy about asking her for a raise because when it comes to penis nobody can give yours a raise better than Ava!
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Milf Boss Miss Ann

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Miss Ann is a thirty-something sweetheart who spent her teen years getting attention from all the popular boys. As she aged she thought she would have a hard time keeping studs interested until she met Andrew Andretti. He is the kind of guy who knows that hot veteran whores have years of experience satisfying men and know things that the teen crowd would take years to train. Why teach some shy mature chick how to suck you off when you can get a girl like Milf Miss Ann who has already been broken-in?!
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Milf Boss Lena

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When Andrew applied for this job he had no idea what position he was going to be placed in. He figured he might be a clerk or a stock worker but he never thought he would be offered female cowgirl, doggystyle or full frontal facial as starting positions by a boss as hot as milf Lena! It just goes to show you, if you never ask for it you’ll never get it. Just because your boss is a MILF that doesn’t mean she would refuse the chance to have you pump her out and splatter her face with man sauce!
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Milf Boss Kendra

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Mature babe Kendra is not your typical employer. For one thing, she only hires men… and for another, all the men she hires are young guys in good shape with a big bulge in their jeans. If you fit the description you should definitely send her your resume because whether she hires you full time you will be sure you will be spending most of your time balls deep in this babe’s box! Her perfectly shaved hairless milf pussy doesn’t taste a day over twenty-two… and when you get all the way up her ass you will swear her holes are ten years young than she is!
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My Milf Boss Heidi

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In the workplace mature women can’t be the whores they wish they were once they become milf bosses because they have to worry about sexual harassment suits. If you go over the border and get a foreign fuck like Milf Boss Heidi to hire you instead then you can bet she will be kneeling between your legs with your bone slamming the back of her throat long before your lunch break. Heidi is a MILF Boss and she knows how valuable he time is so don’t hold back… go ahead and white-wash her face as fast as you can. She has plenty of other people… err,uhmmm, “things”… to do today!
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Getting eaten out this MILF BOSS

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Nick E isn’t the kind of guy who takes a easy job working for someone else. He normally runs his own show, but when Allesandra needed some help he agreed to give her a hand so long as it was done on his short terms. He gets to fuck her as hard as he can every morning before work starts and her mature big tits serve as his own personal cum canvas where she deposits all the cream for her morning coffee. The day she stops trading pussy for office help Nick is done with her… but for now this MILF BOSS is paying benefits better than any 401K!
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Blonde MILF with nice tits fucks

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A twenty year old stud gets called in by his milf boss to carry heavy boxes around for her — on a Saturday no less. She is so fucking hot so he doesn’t mind, especially when she unbuckles his pants, pulls out his hard big cock and proves that experience counts for more than youth as she gives him a ride he’ll never forget!
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Horny MILF fucks her contractor

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A tattooed contractor shows up at this milf hotties house to work on her pool and hot tub and while things get hot it has nothing to do with the tub and everything to do with her hot lips wrapped around his throbbing cock. This babe has amazing fucking mature tits, it’s no wonder that though Joe came to fix the pool he ended up cleaning out her pipes instead. Another dude having hardcore milf sex.
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